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Update by user Feb 20, 2012

Update! I won! Savvy Spaces VP called and apologized for the handling of my complaint and no one responding to my letter. After a conversation about my dissatisfaction, he offered me the ottoman for free to show they were sorry about the issues I had.

The question is: Did I get the call because of the letter I emailed in and the VP just was made aware of the situation, or was it the fact that I posted my letter on facebook for all of my friends/family/coworkers to see and then I asked them to go to Savvy Spaces website and send in a comment that they had read my letter and will never shop there?

I don\'t know, but this has been the perfect learning experience for Savvy Spaces: Don\'t *** someone off and then ignore their complaints....Facebook and the Internet can do you some major damage to your reputation and business!

Original review posted by user Feb 18, 2012

Here is the letter I mailed to the corporate office of Savvy Spaces in Charlotte, NC and got no response!

To whom it may concern:

I wanted to bring to your attention the disappointing experience I recently had with a purchase from Savvy Spaces. My sister-in-law gave me a GroupOn to Savvy Spaces for Christmas. We recently purchased a new home and we need furniture for several rooms. She and my brother also recently purchased a new home and had purchased some furniture from Savvy Spaces and thought I would like the furniture as well.

On January 22nd I went to Savvy Spaces and had a specific chair in mind that I wanted to purchase that I had seen online. The item was not available in the store to look at, but there was one available in the warehouse. I used the $300 GroupOn and purchased the Fusion Postal Ruby armchair and paid $99 (plus tax) for the chair. I opted to pick the chair up at the warehouse since I wasn't sure when I would be home to accept delivery as I was going out of town. My husband and father went to the warehouse on the following Saturday (January 28th) to pick up the chair. When I arrived home on the 29th, I took a look at the chair and it was not the chair that I had ordered.

I immediately called Savvy Spaces and was informed that I would need to speak with someone on Monday about it and I was put into a voice mail. I left a message and asked if they would call me back as soon as possible so we could make sure I would get the chair that I had paid for. I did not receive a call on Monday morning, so I called after lunch and spoke with Stephanie. She first could not find my order at all, and then when she did locate it, she didn't understand how the warehouse could have made the mistake. My order was correct, but they gave me "Bird Song". She said that I could go to the warehouse and switch out the chairs and asked when I might be going so she could let the warehouse know I was coming to have the correct chair ready for me. I told her I would go the next day (January 31st) to pick it up.

On Tuesday, during my lunch break, I went to the warehouse and the girl at the front desk had no idea what I was referring to when I told her I had been given the wrong chair and the correct chair should be waiting for me. It seemed that Stephanie had not contacted them to let them know I was coming. I gave her my invoice for the purchase and she checked her system and they did not have my chair in the warehouse. I explained to her that Stephanie said that it was on hold for me as of yesterday so she must have been mistaken. She went to the back to check and when she came back she told me that I was supposed to call Stephanie back because they don't have the chair at the warehouse. I explained that Stephanie knew I was coming today and that she did not ask me to call her back for any reason. The girl at the desk then called Stephanie and put me on the phone with her. Stephanie said that I should have received a message that the chair was not in the warehouse. I received no message, since no one called me, but she couldn't explain to me why she didn't call me if she knew about this since and she knew I was coming up to the warehouse. She then said that they had my chair, which they had just gotten in the store (maybe my chair from the warehouse), on the floor and I could drive down to Pineville and pick it up. At this point, I was already frustrated with the situation, but now it was getting really bad.

I live in Harrisburg and work uptown. It is not convenient at all for me to leave for lunch to run errands, much less leave and then my outing turnout to be completely pointless. I explained to Stephanie I was not driving down to Pineville to get the chair that was supposed to be at the warehouse that day. She said she would ship it to the warehouse and I could pick it up on Thursday. So again, I will be leaving work to pick up the chair. My job is very demanding, and I usually do not leave my desk at lunch, so I am available to my associates, but I had no choice but to do so again on February 2nd, to pick up my "floor model" chair from the warehouse. At the warehouse it wasn't even wrapped in anyway to protect it from getting dirty. The guys at the warehouse asked if I wanted it wrapped before it was put in my car, but I opted not to, since my car is cleaner than a warehouse floor, and I didn't have the time to wait for them to wrap it in plastic.

Before picking up the new chair, I asked Stephanie if I would be getting some sort of discount since I was accepting a floor model instead of a new chair or some sort of rebate/discount/compensation for all of the problems I had with my purchase. She said she would speak with her General Manager to see if there was anything that could be done. The general manager called me back that afternoon and he told me that he wanted to be personally involved anytime a customer had a service problem. I explained to him the situation and then stated that I would like to be given the matching ottoman to the chair for no charge as a way to make up for the issues I had and the service I had received up to that point. I know that is asking a lot (the ottoman sells for $269), but due to the circumstances I believe that this was a fair request if he believed it would retain my business and provide me satisfaction to shop with Savvy Spaces in the future. His answer was "No, that is not possible". He didn't attempt to offer me anything at that point, it was just a "No". I told him I really didn't want to do business with them and I wanted my money back along with the refund of the GroupOn. He said he would see about how to get my money back and would call me back in an hour.

He did not call me back, but I thought about it and knew that it would have created a hassle for my sister-in-law to get her money back from GroupOn, so I called back and spoke with Stephanie. I told her I would just take the chair and pick it up from the warehouse. I told her I was still very disappointed that they would not be doing anything for me, especially now that I was taking a floor model instead of the new chair that I originally should have received. She said that she had spoken with the general manager and that what they could do was give me a discount on the ottoman. This is what she told me they could do, "The ottoman actually costs us $120, we will sell it to you for $150". Forgive me if I seem ungrateful, but really? I am going to give you more money, which the store will profit from, and I have wasted a lot of my precious time driving to and from the warehouse, loading and unloading chairs, standing at the warehouse waiting for them to figure out what is going on, on the phone with Savvy Spaces individuals, and now, writing this lengthy letter.

I am a manager in a self directed brokerage call center. My job is to coach and train individuals on how to provide quality customer service and I handle escalated situations where customers are unhappy. We have what we call a "Don't Say No" policy. Whatever the customer asks for, we see what we can do, and don't immediately say no. If we can't do what the customer is requesting, we offer another option that they feel is acceptable. The majority of our customers are even okay if we are not able to do anything because we escalate the situation to upper management to review and provide a resolution, and the customer feels as though at least we tried to do something for them and they weren't told "No" immediately. Mainly the customer wants to be listened to, for us to understand how they are feeling about the service they have been receiving, and want some sort of remediation.

I have now picked up my chair, which is a floor model and not brand new, without any sort of discount for my troubles. Stephanie told me that I still got a great deal on the chair since the chair was $399 and I got it for only $200 with the GroupOn. This is not the right way to think about it. GroupOn is supposed to be a tool for people to come in, see products, and try out services. If they have a good experience, they then become customers and will spend more money and share their good experience with their friends and family. I did like the products at Savvy Spaces and was trying to determine what additional items I would be purchasing. We still have a formal living room to furnish and wanted to purchase new furniture for our morning room and library as well. With the experience I have had up to this point, those purchases will not be made at Savvy Spaces. The mistake that happened at the warehouse, I can somewhat understand, but everything that happened after that point is completely unacceptable.

This is my last attempt at getting some sort of satisfactory outcome from this experience. I would greatly appreciate someone looking into this matter and coming up with an acceptable accommodation to make up for the poor service I have received. My sister-in-law, who gave me the GroupOn, has already told me that if something isn't done by Savvy Spaces, they will no longer shop there and choose another company to make additional furniture purchases they need for their home. If Savvy Spaces does not want to make an accommodation to me, then I will make sure that this experience is known to all of my family, friends, co-workers via word of mouth, and by a posting on Facebook this letter. It has been said that, "A happy customer will tell three friends, an unhappy customer will tell the world". I hope that someone within corporate will see why I have spent the time writing this letter, and spend some of their time coming up with an acceptable accommodation that isn't where I am told I am getting a "good deal" already. There are many quotes about why customer service is so importance in today's economy, but one that rings very true is by Sam Walton: "There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else".

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You need to find something better to do with your time.I get your upset, but really you have to post it all over the place and then update everyone as if we care?

Come on, things happen.Move on.


I have a similar issue.

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